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People tend to mistake wallcoverings for wallpaper, but the two products are quite different. Wallcoverings are made of heavy-duty vinyl, not paper, and come in wider, larger rolls than the standard 10m-long, 52cm-wide rolls of domestic wallpaper.

A modern, stylish and highly durable alternative to wallpaper, wallcoverings are thicker and easier to clean. Their long lifespan and ease of care make fabric-backed vinyls excellent value for money. They also offer almost unlimited design possibilities thanks to the extensive range of innovative designs, colours, patterns and textures.

In addition to standard wallcoverings, we also stock ranges made from natural fibres, mica chips, textiles, foils, suede and polyester. These provide texture and visual options not possible with paint or paper.

Long life, durability and easy to maintain

The majority of our wallcoverings are heavy, commercial-grade, fabric-backed vinyls. As such, they provide ample thickness for hard-wear areas, and allow for a much better embossed finish, while the backing gives the product superior protection against tearing and damage.

Wallcoverings are the sustainable option
Swinson Group is committed to working with environmentally responsible manufacturers. All our suppliers are concerned about current environmental issues and have eliminated all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, from their products.

Heavy-duty vinyl wallcoverings are a sustainable choice. Made predominantly from sea salt, vinyl produces no dangerous compounds, and if disposed of into landfills, nothing from the vinyl will leach into ground water. When no longer required, our wallcovering products can be returned to the manufacturer and recycled into new wallcoverings. However, the durability and long lifespan of vinyl wallcoverings means they produce very little waste.

Wallcovering features:
- Hard wearing and long lasting
- Extensive design options – wide choice of textures, embossing and finishes
- Scrubbable
- Mildew resistant
- Ideal for disguising poor wall surfaces
- Economical
- Easily removed for redecoration

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