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Wall Protection

Wall protection need not be unattractive, and products from Korogard (owned by our largest wallcovering supplier, RJF International) take wall protection from ‘ugly but necessary’ to ‘functional and visually appealing’, at an acceptable price.

Korogard’s range of strong, attractive and superbly engineered materials provide protection from bumps, crashes, tears and other general abuse. Its products range from corner guards, kick plates and handrails, to crash rails, bed rails to sheet wallcovering.


Wallcoverings Decorative Lucent Rail
This hand rail is shown with optional rounded top and aluminum  U-channel bottom.
● Rounded, oval and U-channel (wood or aluminum) handgrip and bottom options
● Multiple wood species and finishes available
● 12 decorative lucent patterns available
Handrails HW7S Handrail
This attractive handrail was introduced during 2007 and with its contemporary twist is suitable for all applications and areas.
● 38cm handrail with rounded full grip; stainless steel ends and mounting brackets
● Handrail available in Red Oak or Maple Wood
● Four wood finishes: Unfinished, Clear Varnish, Red Oak Stain, Cherry Stain; or stained to match your finish
CrashRail C800 Series
• 20cm rail with continuous aluminum retainer
● Exclusive connector plates and variety of mounting options
● Economy models available for light to medium impact situations
● Continuous vinyl cushion to protect profile cover
● Available in 36 standard colours with no minimums
● Custom colours available (minimums apply)
BumperGuard G100 Series
5cm vinyl 50mm radius profile cover mounted over continuous retainers
● Choice of aluminum or extruded from recycled PVC retainers
● Top and bottom caps ‘lock’ profile cover in place ● Custom colours available (minimums apply)
CornerGuard Korogard’s product lineup introduces even more design flexibility as shown in this image, the decorative lucent crash rail and the durability of the stainless steel corner guards gives a combination of protection  and attractive design.
DoorProtection Korogard products are engineered to provide exceptional value.  Value means that Korogard products save time and money in the long run due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
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