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At Swinson Group we have an incredible range of wallcoverings that will bring any commercial wall to life. If you need to enhance a room - whether it’s to lighten, brighten, modernise or glamorise - we have the range that will fill your creative design needs. Textures, patterns, textiles, natural products… whatever the look, we either stock it already or we can arrange to custom-make your design. 

Our wallcoverings all have the added advantage of durability and easy scrubbability that commercial wallcoverings provide. Swinson Group offers the largest, most comprehensive range of commercial wallcoverings in New Zealand.

GlassTex and Tassoglas
GlassTex and Tassoglas are woven glass-fibre wallcoverings. They offer virtually unbeatable durability and are designed to be over painted to the colour of your choice  GlassTex and Tassoglas wallcoverings owe their popularity to the extreme versatility of the material and their attractive texture with almost unlimited colour schemes. Stylish, hard wearing, healthy and safe, GlassTex and Tassoglas are used in hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, apartment buildings, art galleries, shops and homes.

Innovation in Interior Decorating
Leading international architects and interior specifiers have discovered that GlassTex is extremely versatile and provides a great surface to work with. A large range of different textures allows the use of a fine linen texture, a Hessian appearance, larger coarser weaves or herringbone effects where a more rustic effect is required. All that’s left to do is choose the colour and opaque or transparent finishing techniques. This wallcovering satisfies your colour palette requirements while providing unique textile structure; plus you get a tough wallcovering that will last and last.

A Wallcovering for any wall
Smooth gypsum walls, masonry, concrete, wood and chip board… virtually any wall surface can be covered with GlassTex or Tassoglas. In older buildings with a range of wall surfaces, GlassTex and Tassoglas achieve structural and colour uniformity of all areas. GlassTex and Tassoglas can actually strengthen old walls and any small cracks in the surface. Made from all natural materials (glass fibre is made from quartz soda – lime and dolomite), GlassTex and Tassoglas are hard wearing, tough, safe to handle and install, resistant to mould and non flammable.

Simple, Clean and Hygienic
GlassTex and Tassoglas Wallcoverings do not provide a breeding ground for parasites such as mites and are resistant to water and mildew. Working with GlassTex and Tassoglas is simple and clean. No unpleasant dust or dirt is generated in the application and the coverings are, above all else, safe.

Indent Range
Swinson Group sources its products from a large number of suppliers from around the world. Our suppliers are listed on our Brands page and are all committed to supplying the world’s most versatile materials, including wide fabric-backed vinyls, polyester and paper-backed wallcoverings. 

We support our indent suppliers in their quest for sustainability and eco-efficient production processes to reduce environmental impact, specifically in terms of *waste *energy and *air emissions. Many of our suppliers have recycling programmes in place and initiatives such as supplying permeable wallcoverings to provide a more breathable surface. This micro-venting technology has no impact on the strength and beauty of the wallcoverings. Our suppliers also accept used wallcoverings for recycling.

Our range of indent wallcoverings can vary in texture, colour and up-to-the-minute designs, with finishes including a textile look, stone, stipple, faux, suede, foil, heavily embossed, jacquard, natural fibres and many more.

Specialty Range
Swinson Group has a fantastic variety of unusual wallcoverings. From parchment and rice papers to gold leaf and Italian handprints, if you're looking for something extraordinary, you’ll find it in our range.

- Parchment and rice papers
- Grass cloths
- Metallic
- Stone
- Gold leaf
- Hand made
- Crushed
- Recycled
- Italian hand prints
- Natural textiles

Fabric-backed vinyls and Polyolefins are particularly suited for use in marine applications. We distribute the United States’ largest range of upholsteries, bulkheads and interior hull linings.
In Stock Range
We have over 140 separate items of fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings and 22 patterns of woven Glass Fibre wallcoverings. 

Wallcoverings you can write on!

Walltalkers are white fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings that can be hung to any size you require. They let you turn any wall into an unlimited white board that can also be used as a projection surface. Walltalkers come in many different types including self-adhesive, lined, magnetic or even coloured. One wipe and they’re ready for reuse.


Hand painted wallcoverings from the USA. Made in pieces for the installer to use their imagination to tear into irregular shapes, or to cut into squareor oblong pieces.

Hand painted wallcoverings from the USA. Made in pieces for the installer to use their imagination to tear into irregular shapes, or to cut into square or oblong pieces. To create a wall of Harlequin diamonds....whatever takes your fancy. Visit their web site at www.vahallanpapers.com and visit their gallery to be inspired. Make your walls absolutely unique. Not another wall the same as yours anywhere in existence!

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